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A novel approach to common skin issues

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Developed for people with cancer...

A better way to soothe mouth ulcers

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On The Go Mend

Advanced formula to heal and soothe mouth sores, chapped lips and blemishes

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Next-Gen Formula


Skin and Body Care for the 21st century

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Works on virtually everything we’ve tried it on…from stopping the itch from mosquito bites to repairing a burn I incurred from cooking. We don’t use Neosporin anymore at our house…only Ointmend.

Ann B.

Stopped my psoriasis in it’s tracks.

Julie F.

The cream did wonders for my third degree water burn on my leg. The burn was six inches in diameter and it healed in a week with no scarring.

Evan R.

I had terrible ulcers in my mouth from chemotherapy. MouthMend got rid of them.

Judy O.

I have throat cancer and I have ulcers, dry mouth and it’s hard to swallow. MouthMend fixed the ulcers and soothed my dry mouth. When I use it, it’s even a bit easier to swallow.

Robert B.

I went fishing and had a terrible sunburn. Ointmend took the burn away within hours. I was amazed!

Jim R.


Our unique ingredients signal the mechanisms for our innate immune system.


Next-Gen formulas approach skin health with a technological and holistic balance.


We do not seek to manipulate the natural processes, only support them.