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Our Story

7Twelve Labs was born out of our fascination with the human immune system - our body’s best medicine. We have developed an advanced pipeline of transformative products for the skin and mouth that enhance the body’s immune system and its natural ability to repair and restore health.

Our Formula Next Gen line of products was developed by the same team that developed a cancer immunotherapy currently being evaluated in U.S FDA clinical trials as a treatment for a range of solid tumors. They recognized that if we nurture damaged tissue with a molecule known to stimulate an innate and adaptive immune response, the natural process of the immune system is able to work much faster and more efficiently.

Formula Next Gen products are crafted using a concentrated formula of this molecule, a natural activator of the innate immune system that induces the body to produce a response to assist in the rapid repair and regeneration of tissue.

7Twelve Labs, LLC is a privately-held subsidiary of Orbis Health Solutions, LLC., based in Greenville, South Carolina.